Our company

The company “LEKOVITSI BROS OE” was founded in 1958 in Thessaloniki, in the industrial area of Sindos and measures up to today successful history 56 years in the furniture and all sorts of household furniture. Steadily continuous improvement and major investments in the field of machinery and having experienced and professional staff manages to produce premium equipment for banks , hotels , shops and theatres  .with solidly incontinuous in improvement and large in vestments in themechanical equipment and having skilled and qualified staff has managed to produce art  equipmen for hotel business but     banks and theaters.

In the context of the economic crisis, the need for further development functioned innovative. Led us to the idea to build a wooden frame bicycle . It took two years of intensive work with daily improvements and continuous testing in accordance with the European standards EN-14764 and EN-14766 so that the frame of the skeleton grown and to acquire the identity  Castor.

Wood is a part of nature and cycling has a special connection with nature.

The wood has the best   ecological balance in comparison with any metal or other material. It reproduced by nature –it is a renewable raw material – unlike other fossil fuels where continuously are been refused. It has great aesthetic value, because it is available in many color combinations and drawing. It is a “warm” material with a special feeling to touch   and to vision. It has high mechanical strength relative to its weight. Not oxidized. Does not pollute the environment. Absorbs vibration of the road and provides a unique driving experience and pleasure to the rider. The Castor bikes have reached the highest level of technical beauty and uniqueness. As a result of the different color combinations of wood, each castor bicycle is unique. Castor bikes are fit for any road surface and for all weather conditions.

Your mountain bike offers the opportunity to enjoy bike rides in the mountains.